You're sitting on a gold mine!

Analyze multiple documents at once in minutes with Finnt. Make sense of unstructured data. Implement unused data in your decision-making processes.

Built with compliance as a first principle.

68% of data in entreprise is left untapped. 80% of this data is unstructured.

To make financial decisions supported by strong data, you need to retrieve the right insights at the right time. Considering the large amounts of unstructured data, done manually, this task is worth hundreds of hours of an analyst’s time. That’s where Finnt comes in.

Upload all your project documents (real estate brochures, performance reports, loan agreements, etc.). Choose the most suited framework, describe your strategy, and launch the analysis.

In a few minutes, Finnt presents you the key data that has been extracted. You can easily audit the sources as well as research anything within the documents to augment the knowledge that will be use to build the Analysis.​

Finnt will then automatically generates your Analysis. You can easily edit anything, create new or regenerate complete sections, as well as augment your Analysis with external market data. Once ready, your Analysis can be downloaded or shared with stakeholders. ​

Finnt has already shown great promise in enhancing our financial analysis capabilities. Its sophisticated tools provide valuable insights, boosting our current efficiency and decision-making. I am excited about its future potential to further transform our financial assessments.
Senior Director

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