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Make a deposit, pick your plan, and start earning high interest rates.

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Use Finnt sub-accounts to plan the future for all of your loved ones.


Finnt aspires to be global. If not today, then tomorrow.

High Interest Rates

Beat inflation

Any savings account offering a lower rate than the inflation rate, is causing you to lose money. Finnt enables you to beat inflation with:

For yourself and your family

Manage Sub-Accounts

Finnt’s value lies in your ability to share these savings opportunities with your loved ones. Whether it’d be your parents struggling with technology or your children you want to save for.

Safe & Secure

Feel peaceful

Finnt is built on top of advanced security protocols and only present the safest options so you can relax while your money is working.

Backed by the best

Finnt is supported by visionary investors


Why they love Finnt

“I don’t even notice how much I’m saving. Then bam! There’s a lot more money in my account!”

Soufiane S.

Soufiane S.

“Finnt is much better than my bank; first with their rates and their Customer Service.”

Carine E.

Carine E.

“Super easy to use and a great way to save for me and my family.”

Marlène P.

Marlène P.

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