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We empower finance professionals to promptly identify market fluctuations and regulatory changes for quick adaptation and enhanced decision-making processes.

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Transform data chaos into clarity and action. Embrace the future of finance with AI-powered insights today.

Risk-Averse Insights

Retrieve risk-related data acutely and grasp insights while avoiding errors and cognitive overload.
Mitigate risk

Powerful Decision-Making

Process data fluidly, spare of time-consuming tasks to increase decision-making efficiency.

Increase ROI

Compliance Driven Acumen

Bring legal obstacles to awareness and streamline processes to keep compliance in check.

Streamline processes
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Finnt for Risk & Compliance

Dynamic market fluctuations. Resource constraints. Evolving regulatory landscapes. These factors, coupled with the need for advanced predictive analytics and strategic decision-making heighten risk management and compliance complexities for finance professionals.

How we can help

Finnt’s AI-driven platform enhances risk and compliance management by addressing a spectrum of risks. It processes key documents for insights across various risk types such as market, credit, liquidity, operational, compliance/legal, strategic, reputational, cyber, environmental, and geopolitical risks.

For instance, in the context of market and credit risks, Finnt analyzes financial documents and reports, aiding in understanding market fluctuations and creditworthiness. It supports risk assessments in line with anti-money laundering laws, crucial for private credit analysis.

In operational and cyber risk scenarios, Finnt helps manage risks arising from system failures or cyber threats, providing insights for robust risk mitigation strategies. For compliance and legal risks, it navigates regulatory changes, including those in evolving sectors like decentralized finance (DeFi), ensuring adherence to legal standards.

Finnt’s role in environmental and geopolitical risk involves analyzing relevant reports and data, aiding organizations to adapt to environmental changes and global political shifts.

By offering tailored analyses, Finnt provides clarity in a complex risk landscape, supporting professionals in adapting to regulatory shifts and effectively managing a wide range of risks in risk and compliance sectors. This approach ensures comprehensive risk management and compliance adherence, keeping finance professionals informed and prepared.

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Finnt analyzes large and complex documents such as Reports, Statements or Agreements.
Launch an Analysis​


Finnt generates structured and insightful memos with the most valuable financial data.

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Share with your team members and stakeholders to increase process speed.

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