Detect Mergers & Acquisitions risks and opportunities.

We equip finance professionals to evaluate market dynamics, and assess company financial health, enabling profound, strategic insights for decisive mergers & acquisitions outcomes.

Raise your table stakes with Finnt

Transform data chaos into clarity and action. Embrace the future of finance with AI-powered insights today.

Smart Insight Retrieval

Retrieve data acutely and turn it into meticulous reports, avoiding errors and cognitive overload.

Uncover opportunities

Powerful Decision-Making

Process data fluidly, spare of tedious tasks to increase efficiency at any level.

Increase ROI

Well Optimized Processes

Build optimized processes to streamline capital-allocation, and uncover threats fast.

Boost performance
Capitalize on predictive analytics

Raise your table stakes with Finnt.

Complex data analysis requirements. Vast amounts of M&A information. Decision-making amidst high stakes. These challenges, coupled with the necessity for meticulous evaluation of company financial health, understanding market dynamics, and forecasting growth opportunities, are complicating the M&A process for professionals in the field.

How we can help

Finnt’s platform streamlines the M&A process by transforming complex financial documents into digestible insights. It adeptly handles data from various aspects of mergers and acquisitions. This includes company evaluations, market analysis, and growth potential.

For investment management within M&A, Finnt scrutinizes financial statements, deal memos, due diligence reports, and more to offer comprehensive summaries that enhance strategic investment decisions and synergy assessments.

In the realm of risk & compliance, it meticulously reviews legal documents, compliance reports, and regulatory filings, ensuring alignment with global standards like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and anti-money laundering directives, thus safeguarding against potential legal and financial exposures.

Regarding financial analysis & reporting, Finnt integrates data from market trends, financial health assessments, and competitive analyses, facilitating the generation of detailed financial models and projections that inform valuation and deal structuring.

Finnt’s tailored analysis across these critical M&A services empowers professionals to make well-informed decisions amidst the rapidly changing market dynamics. It delivers clarity and actionable insights for evaluating potential acquisitions, managing risks, and conducting thorough financial assessments. With Finnt, navigate the complexities of M&A with confidence and strategic acumen.

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Finnt analyzes large and complex documents such as Reports, Statements or Agreements.
Launch an Analysis​


Finnt generates structured and insightful memos with the most valuable financial data.

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Share with your team members and stakeholders to increase process speed.

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