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Finnt AI-powered platform makes sense of unused and unstructured data by breaking down complex financial documents into digestible memos in minutes.

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68% of data in entreprise is untapped. 
80% of this data is unstructured.

You are sitting on a gold mine!

To make informed financial decisions, you need to retrieve the right insights at the right time. Over and over again.

Considering the gigantic amount of data that lives in your organization, this process is mobilizing hundreds of hours of your analysts time.

This is why we built Finnt . 

Create your workflows with custom frameworks

Decide how you want to analyse your unstructured data. We help you design each custom framework step by step.

Get a custom framework

Work with your preferred LLMs

Based on your requirements, we’ll help you setup your environment.  Finnt can work with API-based models such as GPT, Claude or Gemini; but also with open-source models like Llama or Mistral.

Select your LLM

Determine your data ingestion approach

Select what type of data and from which sources it will flow. We’ll identify the relevant metadata to extract from your documents  and add them to your custom frameworks.

Setup data sources

Define output goals, content and format

Obtain recommendations with best and worse case scenarios. Customize output format with structure and branding. Augment your analysis with third-party and live market data.

Dive into insights
Finnt Security
Native enterprise-grade security

Built with compliance and security as first principles.

Finnt operates with the highest standards in terms of security and data protection. Your data is encrypted end-to-end, and Finnt has native enterprise-grade security.

SOC-2 Certification

Finnt is SOC-2 certified, attesting high standards in terms of data privacy, security, accessibility, and integrity.

Safe AI Processes

Finnt ensures meticulous processes in data treatment with AI technology. No data of yours is used to train models.

CCPA and GDPR Compliant

Finnt warrants AI usage for you and your clients in compliance with local regulations.

solutions designed for finance professionals

Uncover unique insights from unstructured data.

Finnt helps you automate manual, time-consuming tasks, discover key information and unleash opportunities.

Financial Analysis and Reporting

Decode complex financial reports. Generate profound, strategic insights for data-driven business decisions.

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Investment Management

Maneuver through difficult financial data. Align with evolving priorities. Smoothen decision-making processes.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Evaluate market dynamics. Assess financial health. Enable strategic insights for decisive M&A outcomes.

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Risk and Compliance

Identify market fluctuations. Adapt swiftly to regulatory changes. Enhance decision-making processes.

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Finnt solution is designed for finance professionals and tailored towards their unique problematics.