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  • Grow savings at 5% APY 
  • 3% Cash Back on Amazon, Uber, Starbucks etc.
  • AI Banker with financial tips & rewards
  • Shared expenses with friends and family

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What students say about Finnt

As a Stanford student, Finnt has truly streamlined my financial life. The user experience is unmatched, and it turns group expenses into a hassle-free experience with its ‘Circles’ feature.
Finnt was the easiest and most convenient way for me to open a bank account in the US as an international student. I highly recommend Finnt to my friends.
University of Miami
As a university student, Finnt’s circle feature has been so useful with saving and spending together with friends and clubs. I highly recommend to any student!
Uni. of North Carolina
Finnt has so many financial benefits. It helps me budget and save better every day. The APY% really adds up too. I'm sharing the word on my own campus
Florida State Uni.

Used on all major campuses

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More Savings

Build healthy saving habits. Finnt provides you with tools to help you achieve your financial goals faster.

Money is custodied at our US based and regulated Partner Bank*.

Spend Smart

Build healthier spending habits. Finnt provides the right tools to help you become smart with money.

You can only spend the money you have: no overdraft with Finnt.
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Finnt debit card

Free Debit Card

Spend seamlessly. Link your bank account and start spending in minutes with your Finnt Debit Mastercard.

Your virtual card can be added to your Apple Wallet to spend anywhere.

With your people

Bank together. With Finnt, invite your friends and family to start managing money together.

Your privacy is preserved: you choose what to share and with who.
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Daily Money Tips

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Real Estate Investment Ideas for Your First Paycheck

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