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Finnt AI-native platform helps Finance Professionals make sense of complex financial documents and build insightful analysis. 

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Finnt uncovers unique insights so you can streamline decisions.

Finnt helps you automate time-consuming tasks, discover key information and unleash opportunities.

Real Estate

Accelerate your property investment analysis. Seamlessly sift through extensive brochures and extract key details swiftly for in-depth investment memos. Stay at the forefront of the market with quick, informed decisions.

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Private Credit

Revolutionize credit risk assessment. Efficiently review company decks and identify critical risks and opportunities in private credit. Make smarter, data-backed lending decisions with our insightful, targeted analyses.

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Enhance your investment strategy. Smoothly identify lucrative opportunities within existing products and align your portfolio to cutting-edge market trends. Empower analyses by pre-empting your competition.

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Built with compliance as a first principle.

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Your Memo in minutes, not days!

Automatically transform long and complex documents into clear and structured memorandums that streamline your decision-making process.

Create & Launch

Upload any PDF from extensive brochure to dense reports and detailed decks, regardless of their length or intricacy. Choose the analysis you need, and trust Finnt to meticulously extract all the essential information and key insights for you.

Iterate & Edit

Finnt presents the results of your analysis in organized, distinct sections. Enjoy the flexibility to create numerous iterations, maintaining the context of your work throughout. Then, personalize your analysis with your unique edits and insights.

Invite & Share

After completion, your analysis is primed for download and ready to be shared with your stakeholders. Encourage them to join Finnt for collaborative revisions, enabling you to refine the analysis and collectively make informed decisions.