The future of savings.

Get access to the private beta.

  • Earn up to 12% annual interest rates.
  • No lock in, no fee on deposit or withdrawal.
  • 24/7 customer support.
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The Future of Finance

Boost your savings with the power of DeFi

Finnt leverages the power of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and makes it accessible to anyone through a secured and simple web and mobile application.

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Daily profit for you and your family

As soon are your funds hit your Finnt account, you start earning daily profit based on the plan you selected.

  • Fixed rates up to 12% annually
  • No lock in period, withdraw at any time
  • No fee on deposit or withdrawal
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With your loved ones

To be Truly accessible, Finnt has built an easy way for you to create sub-accounts and build savings for your kids or any family member.

  • Dedicated sub-accounts
  • Emergency contact management
  • View-only access
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The peace of mind

Finnt is built on top of advanced security protocols and picks the safest investments so you can relax while your money is working.

  • Funds secured and heavily collaterized
  • Handpicked and vetted partners
  • Security and risk audits

Finnt is supported by
visionary investors

Questions & Answers

  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi) offers a multitude of options to lend or borrow digital assets; these platforms called “protocols” usually reward their lenders with an interest rate that can vary depending on the demand for a certain asset. Finnt scans and curates the best options from the DeFi world, by assessing the risk/reward ratio; and ultimately packages those into accessible and user-friendly options called “Finnt Plans”.

  • The short answer is: no. Like any investment, Finnt’s offers include risks. Our company, partners and the underlying crypto assets, have inherent risks. However, we do our utmost to reduce these risks. Here are some of our undertakings:

    • - Finnt is not using your funds to trade them against volatile assets but only stable-coins that are pegged to the USD value (1 USDC = 1 USD)
    • - Finnt is a funded by investors supporting our long-term vision and managed by experienced entrepreneurs
    • - Finnt’s technologies are built thoroughly following up-to-date cybersecurity norms. Furthermore, they are frequently tested in order to reduce hacking risks
    • - Finnt’s partners are carefully selected for their reliability and financial strength
    • - Finnt’s offers were developed to obtain the best settlement between risk and return

  • Finnt has implemented the following security measures:

    • - User data: all information related to our users is encrypted via AES-256 standards. The access to the Finnt app is secured by a password as well as a second authentication factor (2FA).
    • - Technical partners: Finnt uses market leaders for data storage (Amazon AWS) and for the app’s securing (CloudFlare).
    • - Funds: your funds are secured by our deposit/withdrawal partner. We also use an additional insurance service to guarantee your funds.
    • - Compliance: Finnt follows the best practices in terms of fight against money laundering and terrorism funding (AML-CFT). Therefore, we establish regular internal and external audits to guarantee our processes’ compliance.

  • No, multiple offers similar to Finnt exist. Furthermore you could probably do it yourself, as Decentralized Finance is built to let anyone participate. However, the current state of DeFi is still pretty technical and also time-consuming. Our vision at Finnt is to be a bridge between traditional and decentralized finances.

  • No - our service is free of charge. Finnt is generating revenue thanks to the rates that are directly negotiated with partners and platforms. In the future, we might introduce premium features; but we want the main offering of Finnt to remain free.".

  • We built Finnt for our own family who asked us how to enter the DeFi world. In order to let your loved ones benefit from DeFi products, you can create sub-accounts for them directly on the app. In doing so, you can introduce your spouse, children or parents to the blockchain and digital assets world without worrying about losing them in technical concepts or - worse - in dangerous investments. These sub-accounts do not require any starting capital on their side.

  • Finnt is a US Delaware incorporated company. Our HQ is located at 333 S. E. 2nd Avenue, Suite 2000, Miami, Florida.

  • Finnt is led by two serial entrepreneurs who built successful companies; Anji Ismail (CEO) and Faouzi El Yagoubi (CTO).

  • Decentralized Finance (also called DeFi) is a group of services, platforms and financial organizations derived from blockchain technology. The most popular services are currently lending, borrowing, trading, and any bank service dedicated to digital assets and cryptocurrencies. In 2021, DeFi represented over $100 billions in deposited assets, with a growth over 60 times higher than the previous year (2020). DeFi's' stakeholders’ ambition is to build new services and new, more accessible, inclusive, and transparent institutions. One of the main advantages for final users (for instance, you reading this text 😉) is mainly interest rates offered by these DeFi stakeholders. Indeed, these organizations creating apps and other blockchain protocols establish deposit mechanisms with a return often 50 times higher than those offered by traditional savings systems.