Trust is at the Heart of Finnt

At Finnt, earning and maintaining your trust is paramount, especially in handling sensitive financial document analysis. We’re committed to full transparency regarding our security measures and the protection of your information. Whether you’re analyzing financial documents or developing custom research methods, we’re dedicated to ensuring the security of your work.

"At Finnt, protecting user data through top-tier security is our priority. We ensure confidentiality and integrity with strong encryption, controlled access, and regular audits, all overseen by our dedicated security team."

Faouzi EL YAGOUBI – Co-Founder & CTO

Securing your data

We don't train on your data

Your success is driven by your own prompts and ideas, not by our AI models. We respect your trust and guarantee that our models are developed without using your personal data.

We don't share your prompts

Your team’s research and analytical methods are unique. We respect this individuality, ensuring that your prompts and specialized inputs are never shared with other customers.

We absolutely never sell your data

Finnt, a subscription service, prioritizes customer privacy and never trades or exploits your data. We’re deeply committed to protecting your personal and financial information.

Most asked questions from our customers

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What security measures does Finnt use?

Finnt employs robust, enterprise-level security measures, including advanced encryption and multi-factor authentication, to ensure the utmost protection of user data.

How Finnt ensure data confidentiality?

Finnt is committed to user privacy. We guarantee that user data remains confidential and is never shared with third parties. Our privacy policy adheres to strict global standards.

Is Finnt compliant with international security standards?

Yes, Finnt’s security protocols are not only compliant with, but often exceed, international standards. Our platform is regularly audited and has received multiple industry certifications.

Can Finnt users customize security settings?

Absolutely. Finnt allows users to tailor their security settings according to their specific needs, offering flexibility while maintaining high security standards.


Enterprise security infrastructure

Keeping your data and documents secure

At Finnt, your confidential research remains strictly private. We implement strong security protocols to guarantee your data is secure and well-protected, maintaining a high standard of data integrity and privacy.

Backed by independent third-party attestations

Our enterprise-level security measures, validated by numerous industry certifications, demonstrate our unwavering commitment to your safety and strict adherence to international standards.