12 Last Minute Present Ideas for Kids for This Christmas

last minute present ideas

We’ve all been in this situation: attending an event and postponing buying the main gift… until it’s too late to brainstorm anything complicated. Kudos, you’ve reached the right article. Here, we’re going to list out 12 last-minute present ideas for kids this Christmas. This way, you won’t run out of inspiration anymore!

Gift Card

The gift card is the perfect one-shot gift. You buy it once, at a price that suits your budget, and you’re good to go. It can be especially effective if you know the shops the person loves to buy from. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter, going for an Amazon gift card will also work.

Gift card examples: iTunes, Amazon, Clothing brands, Electronic shops, Disney stores, Book stores…


Similarly to the gift card, yearly subscriptions can quickly become the perfect gift. Especially, if you know well the place the person likes to attend, or the products they use. Indeed, yearly subscriptions are a bit costly, but can be affordable depending on the service. 

Yearly subscription examples: Streaming service, Amazon Prime, Gym membership, Audible, Private sales…

Surprise Box

The surprise box gift is a good idea only if the person you are planning to give it to enjoys surprises. It also works better for younger people or people who are fans of specific brands or licenses. So be careful when offering a surprise box about the theme you choose, and the person you are targeting.

Surprise box examples: Marvel box, Naruto box, Girl/Boy box, Perfume box…

A Short Trip or Experience

According to a study, 62% of Americans want experiences over gifts. Therefore, there is a high chance that the person you are offering a gift too would enjoy receiving this. Has this person complained about how much stress they were in recently? Or did they mentioned a special place they would like to visit? Then offering them a short trip or experience might be just the right fit!

Select a trip or experience adapted to your budget, and gift it to them. Depending on the gift, you may want to book it for two people or more. 

Short trip or experience examples: Local trip, International vacation, Cruise, Spa, Concert…

Useful Items

Some people dislike receiving useless presents. They would rather receive something practical, cash or nothing at all. This present idea will require you to be thoughtful and attentive. Is there anything they could use that could improve their daily life? Have you noticed they had a pain in doing something? 

Examples of useful items: Airpods for the gym, car phone holder, slippers, bathrobe, pool shoes, bathing cap, head massager, vitamins, food mixer…

Refill Their Toolbox

This present idea will work particularly well if this person has a passion. Are they into art? sewing? origami? Can you help them refill their toolbox in any way? Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a “wow” present, it will sure help them in their craft and be greatly appreciated!

Examples: Pen, notebook, art material, origami paper, needles, sewing patterns, fitness clothing, sports equipment…

Good Food or Drink

If none of the previous items worked, you can go for classics. There is nothing like a good food plate or a nice bottle of wine to celebrate an event. Try to find what they specially like or some speciality from some place to be a little more creative.

Food or drink examples: Local dish or pastry, famous wine or beverage… Also, a dish or drink connected to your origins can be a good way of connection with people.

Trendy Item

Some people’s personalities are a little more complicated to fathom. However, one thing that might interest them is anything trendy. If you don’t really know what they like or don’t, going for something most people enjoy will generally work out. You can go to any shop and select the latest, trendiest item. 

Examples of trendy items: Latest makeup, piece of clothing, jewelry… You can also look out for the #BookTok in book stores.

Different Samples

Another way of groping for the right gift can be by offering a medium or large box of samples. It works well on people you know have a pet peeve on some specific items, but don’t know what specific brand or type to buy. 

Sample examples: For coffee or chocolate lovers, you can buy samples of different types of coffee or chocolate and offer it to them. This also works for cremes, fragrances, candles, pastries… 

Board Game

Board games have become crazy fun over the last years. You could go for a board game, especially if the person you are buying it for loves to have people over. Make sure to choose one that suits their age or that they don’t have already. 

Board game examples: Check this 100 board games list. – Beware, on Christmas the most famous ones may be all sold out!


This gift is a double-edged sword. It is a very personal gift, and at the same time pretty cheap and fast to set-up. However, it can be seen as “too-personal” or be irrelevant if the person you want to offer it to is not the type to self-reflect or like writing at all.

The gift: Buy a journal, write on the first page talking about your memories together or what you love about them, then end it with “I started the story, you can continue it”. It is a very emotional present.

A Finnt Sub-Account

If none of the previous ideas suited you, this one sure will. On the Finnt App you can set up a sub-account for your loved one and have them spend money with the Finnt Debit Card. The account set up is free and you immediately start earning interests as soon as you deposit money there.

Gifting a Finnt sub-account is a fair alternative to cash and, it doesn’t suffer as much from inflation.

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