Accessing Healthy Food: A Vital Need for College Students

healthy food

For college students like Olivia Bowles, the quest for healthy and affordable food can be an unexpected challenge. As she embarked on her journey at Tuskegee University, she discovered that her campus was situated in a food desert, where options for nutritious meals were scarce. This article will delve into the significance of accessing healthy food for college students and explore practical solutions, including the Finnt debit card, designed to make this vital need more attainable.

Navigating the Campus Food Desert

The term “food desert” describes areas with limited access to fresh and nutritious food. Many college campuses, including historically Black institutions like Tuskegee University, are located in such regions. For students, this presents a significant hurdle in their pursuit of a healthy diet. Olivia Bowles, like many others, found herself in a situation where the nearest grocery stores were miles away, and prices around campus were higher.

The Consequences of Food Insecurity

The consequences of food insecurity among college students are far-reaching. Limited access to healthy food options can lead to poor dietary choices and, ultimately, negative effects on physical and mental well-being. It can also hinder academic performance, as proper nutrition is essential for cognitive function and concentration.

The Finnt Debit Card: Empowering Students

While addressing food affordability is crucial, innovative solutions like the Finnt debit card are emerging to provide additional support. The Finnt debit card offers students the opportunity to earn a 3% cashback on Instacart purchases. Instacart is a convenient grocery delivery service, allowing students to order fresh produce and essentials directly to their doorstep.

With the Finnt debit card, college students can make their grocery shopping more affordable, making it easier to access healthy food options without breaking the bank. This solution empowers students to take control of their nutrition, even in areas where traditional grocery stores are scarce.

Advocating for Change

The importance of accessing healthy food for college students cannot be overstated. It impacts their overall well-being, academic success, and future prospects. Students like Olivia Bowles and organizations like Bread for the World are actively advocating for change. HBCUs, often situated in food deserts due to systemic issues, face unique challenges. Olivia underscores the need for action, saying, “I’d love to see HBCUs combat this issue.”


Access to healthy food is a fundamental need for college students, one that directly influences their physical and academic well-being. Innovative solutions like the Finnt debit card are pivotal in ensuring that students can access nutritious meals even in challenging circumstances. As the advocacy for change continues, we can hope for a future where all college students have equal opportunities to nourish their bodies and minds.

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