Banker Skills You’ll Need For Your Next Job Interview

banker skills

What skills does a banker have? Bankers have a set list of soft skills we can enumerate: communication, problem-solving, customer service, and numeracy skills. If any of these look like skills you may have yourself, here are ways you can market them during your next job interview.

Communication Skills

Someone with high communication skills is able to adapt their speech to their audience. They understand levels of comprehension differ from one person to another. They take the time to explain things, are patient in their communication, clear and straight to the point. 

How to market it?

The best way to market high communication skills is to be clear in your expression and presentation. Make your sentences short, to the point, and understandable to your audience. Don’t hesitate to provide real-life examples to illustrate your experiences. And when you’re getting technical, make sure to ask the audience if they understand the terminology you’re using.

Problem-Solving Skills

An individual with high problem-solving skills often goes by the saying “if there’s no solution, there’s no problem”. Rather than being experts at answering questions, they’re masters at asking them. They understand the answer usually resides in the question itself. 

How to market it?

During interviews, you’ll frequently be asked to put yourself in a certain situation and solve a problem. Rather than trying to face it heads on, demonstrate problem-solving skills by turning the question around to simplify it. A good example of this would be “What would you do if you’re facing an angry customer?”. 

You obviously can’t hang up/kick them out, and saying you will politely ask them to calm down is a very generic answer. Instead of focusing on the “angry” part, extrapolate the situation: “why is this customer angry”. Focus on solving the customer’s issue (within your control) rather than solving the customer’s anger (out of your control).

Customer Service Skills

Contrary to popular belief, being skilled at customer service isn’t so much about being empathetic, but rather about knowing how to address customer needs the most professional way possible. This requires solid product knowledge and efficient protocols. An individual who is strong at customer service will be reactive and attentive to customer needs and requests.

How to market it?

A good way to show you would be efficient in customer service (if needed for your job application) is to be reactive. Respond to emails from your interviewer as soon as possible. Be polite and professional. Show you have a solid understanding of professional etiquette.

Numeracy Skills

Contrary to popular belief, having solid numeracy skills doesn’t necessarily mean being able to perform any type of numerical calculation. It really means being able to perform the basic ones and, more importantly, not being afraid of numbers or calculating. People with strong numeracy skills often have an easier time understanding numerical implications. For instance, they won’t easily get tricked by “an increase by 50%” when they know the numbers increased from 2 to 3. 

How to market it?

To demonstrate strong numeracy skills, don’t be afraid to use numbers during the interview. Don’t go overboard by absolutely wanting to implement numerical data in every response. However, if you are faced with a case study or a situation where numerical data is relevant to point out, please make sure to add it in your speech.


By now you should get it: the best way to market skills is to behave in a way that demonstrates them! 🙂 Indeed, you can give examples of experiences or show your diplomas and other certifications. However, the best example you can provide is through your own character and behavior.

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